Other than the current products we are manufacturing in large quantities, we've manufactured other products according to customer specifications throughout the years.

Bulkhead fitting Sample

Bulk Head Fitting

Also known as Tank Fittings or Tank Adapters. Designed for easy adaptation and installation, permitting a free flow of liquids for tank or drum drainage or filling. Can also be used as outlets for distribution into a piping system.

Sizes available:
- 1/2"
- 3/4"
- 1 1/4"
- 1 1/2"
- 2"

PE Fittings sample

pe fitting (water tank)

Polyethylene fittings mainly used for water tanks.

Sizes available:
- 1/2"
- 3/4"
- 1"
- BSP 2"

Cable Parts Sample

Cable carriage, cleat, gland

cable carriage, cable cleat, and cable gland normally used as a set.

Plastic Numbering Sample

vehicle numbering

vehicle numbering used in number platings, can also be used for house numbering and any other products that requires plastic numbering

Additional Services

Other than the products listed above, we also provide additional services listed below. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

  • Custom Moulding

    We work with the best machinery and tooling to provide you a single source for all of your molds, maintenance, fixturing, and machined component needs.

  • Total Concept Generation

    Starting with a set of customer needs and target specifications, we will work with the customer to generate an array of product alternatives from which the optimal design is selected.

  • Mould Fabrication

    Our technical knowledge and experience in moulding injection allow us to advice on the best solution possible for any project.

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