Polycarbonate (PC) Water container

Our Polycarbonate Water Bottles are made from 100% food grade Polycarbonate resins. They come with a built in faucet for easy dispensing.

knapsack sprayer

Knapsack Sprayer Sample

Our knapsack sprayers are lightweight, durable and easy to maintain. Furthermore, it was designed to grip firmly to the user shoulder while reducing stress on it with innovative anti slip and shoulder profile design. In addition, it has enlarge air-cylinder and stand guard for more power and even spread of pressure.

Knapsack Sprayer Sample

filtration device

Our filtration device comes with complete hygenic 1.0 micro filtration system under natural gravity force with no hassle on water splash during inversion of water bottle.

Collapsible bottle

Our collapsible bottles are a patented product. It is made from 100% food grade linear low dense Polyethylene material. It was designed to reduce logistic costs, improving stock space by 70%.


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