Our History

Koaki Enterprise Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1999 as a highly specialised firm involved in providing custom moulding, total concept generation and mould fabrication. Since the very beginning, we have consistently stuck by our philosophy of innovation and novelty in our products. Through the cooperation of everyone in the company, we've obtained an industry design for our backpack sprayer and am currently one of the main manufacturer and supplier for knapsack sprayer in Malaysia. In addition, we are also among the main manufacturer in Polycarbonate (PC) Water Bottles in Malaysia. Throughout the years, we've also obtained many patents for our products in the plastic industry.

Our Achievements

Winner of the 2010 CQE Award through the criteria of the QC100 Model of Total Quality Management.

We were awarded the Century International Quality Era Award for our dedication and continuous improvement within the sector and community. Even after 20 years, our dedication and goal remains the same.


We have obtained many patents and industry designs throughout the years, below shows some of the certificates of our patents and designs.

Our Services

As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we are committed to provide assistance to meet the specifications and standards of our valued customers. Below are the services we provide to have a long term enhancement of our relationships with our customers.

Spare Parts Support

Service Support

Customization to suit your needs

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